Casinos have a legal obligation to provide their employees who are in contact with players, those who analyse gambling behaviour, and their leaders and managers, with an additional addiction prevention course. This training must meet specific requirements and be certified.

The training must also be repeated every three years, after which the certificate will be renewed.

Since 2014, the Centrum voor Verantwoord Spelen has focused on contributing to a safe and responsible gambling offering, the preservation of the recreational player and the prevention of gambling issues.

The courses are offered by an experienced trainer and meet legal requirements. In addition, we always take the extra step to ensure that the teaching material is offered in an educational and interactive way, using training actors and experience experts.

We offer standard courses, both in-company and for mixed groups. You can use the courses whenever it suits you. Our approach distinguishes itself especially when you use our customised options. We can tailor each course and learning path to suit your needs and requirements.

Below is an overview of the content of the basic course on gambling prevention for online casinos. If you are curious about the possibilities for your organisation, please get in touch with us!

Overview of the additional course on addiction prevention

Features of the additional addiction prevention course

Target audience: Casino employees with guest contact, leaders and managers.

Prerequisites: None

Level: Intermediate or higher education level

Course duration: 1 day from 10:00h to 17:00h. It is possible to take the course in 2 separate parts.

Location: Live course: in consultation with the customer.


Number of participants:  12 – 14 depending on location

Exemptions: n/a

Study load: 7 hours training and 3 hours preparation/reflection.

Admission: To take this course, completing the basic e-learning course on gambling prevention is mandatory.

Study material: digital reader and e-learning, materials are also handed out during the live training.

Testing: The trainer assesses the participant’s attitude, motivation and behaviour. The participant must pass all elements with a sufficient assessment.

Certification: Completing the additional course on gambling addiction prevention gives right to a certificate, issued by Centrum voor Verantwoord Spelen.

Course content

This course will cover the following topics:

  • The participant’s attitude toward gambling problems and gambling addiction
  • Addiction prevention policy and duty of care
  • Legislation and regulations
  • Types of players
  • Phases of dependency
  • Risk groups
  • Early identification: recognition of signs and interventions
  • The story of an experience expert
  • Options for help and advice for players (and their next of kin) provided by the casino
  • Introduction and basic communication skills focused on the communication options available to online casino employees, such as email, telephone, and chat
  • Prochaska and Diclemente’s Model of Behavioural Change
  • Practicing with the training actor
  • Increasing knowledge of gambling issues
  • Acquiring knowledge of the legislation and regulations (duty of care) and the online casino’s prevention policy
  • Preventing gambling issues and gambling addiction
  • Recognising gambling issues in players at the online casino
  • Improving communication skills through various communication tools
  • Advising players on appropriate opportunities for help and advice
Working method

In this course, the trainer, the training actor (present during part of the day) and the experience expert (present for one hour during the training) work together to achieve the objectives. The course uses different working methods, such as presenting, debating, mind mapping, testing, carousel model, call simulations, the spiral of success, and working in subgroups.

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