Casinos have a legal obligation to offer their employees a basic course in addiction prevention. This training must meet certain requirements and be certified.

The training must also be repeated every three years, after which the certificate will be renewed.

Since 2014, the Centrum voor Verantwoord Spelen has focused on contributing to a safe and responsible offering of games of chance, the preservation of the recreational player and the prevention of gambling issues.

We offer the basic course as e-learning training, enabling employees to participate wherever and whenever they want. The courses are tailor-made for the specific type of organisation and contain all the necessary information.

As part of the course, we also offer an additional option: an introduction to interview skills. This is not a mandatory element, and it can be skipped if desired.

Our approach distinguishes itself especially when you use our customised options. We can tailor each course and learning path to suit your needs and requirements.

Below is an overview of the content of the basic course on gambling prevention for online casinos. If you are curious about the possibilities for your organisation, please get in touch with us!

Overview of the basic course on addiction prevention

Features of the basic course on addiction prevention

Target audience: Casino employees

Prerequisites: None

Level: Intermediate or higher education level

Study form: e-learning

Admission: A casino employee must complete this course successfully before they can start working.

Testing: Each book in the e-learning training ends with one or more relevant questions. At the end of the e-learning training, the participant is asked some general questions about the teaching material. When the questions have been answered sufficiently, the employee has passed the course.

Certification: Completing the course on gambling addiction prevention gives right to a certificate, issued by Centrum voor Verantwoord Spelen.

Course content

The e-learning course will cover the following topics:

  • General information on different types of games of chance
  • Addiction prevention policy and duty of care
  • Legislation and regulations
  • Types of players
  • Phases of dependency
  • Risk groups
  • Early identification: recognition of signs and interventions
  • Options for help and advice for players (and next of kin)
  • Introduction to conversation skills in communication (not a mandatory element) and the ability to contact players through resources such as email, telephone, and chat
  • Prochaska and Diclemente’s Model of Behavioural Change
Working method

The basic course on addiction prevention consists of e-learning training books that employees can complete independently, where and when it suits them best. The training can be completed in parts and does not have to be completed in one sitting. The e-learning is divided into nine chapters and is offered in a logical sequence. If the participant has any questions, the Casino Academy is always available to answer them.

E-learning is available in Dutch and English.

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