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The Centrum voor Verantwoord Spelen was set up in 2014 to make a constructive contribution to safe and responsible gambling in the Netherlands. Enabling the recreational player to continue playing and preventing gambling problems are essential elements in this respect.

Under the legislation, every gambling provider is obliged to train their staff in the Netherlands to recognize addiction problems. Our years of experience and close cooperation with recognized institutions in addiction care and experience experts enable us to provide each organization with a solution for training staff members.

Our course offering includes the mandatory basic course on addiction prevention, plus the mandatory additional course on addiction prevention for employees who are in contact with players, gambling behaviour analysts, and their supervisors.

Our courses are designed to be self-contained but also fit in perfectly with a tailor-made learning path for casino workers.

If you are curious about the possibilities for your organization, please get in touch with us!

Legal requirements for addiction prevention courses

Training in the context of addiction prevention is subject to certain requirements under the Responsible Gambling Policy.

The Centrum voor Verantwoord Spelen, a private company, meets the mandatory requirements thanks to the intensive cooperation with Ready for Change.

This page offers information on these requirements and how the Centrum voor Verantwoord Spelen meets them.

For more information about the courses and/or to sign up participants:

Mrs Y. Jansma, trainer, meets the expertise requirements set out in article 3.1.6 of the Responsible Gambling Policy. The following documents demonstrate this expertise:

  • Curriculum Vitae Yvon Jansma;
  • Cooperation Agreement between the Centrum voor Verantwoord Spelen and Ready for Change;
  • Work order for the work to be carried out by Y. Jansma for Ready for Change.

Ready for Change B.V. is a recognized mental health care institution for ambulatory addiction care in Rotterdam.

All courses are provided by the Centrum voor Verantwoord Spelen B.V., by trainer Ms. Y. Jansma and with the help of qualified experts and training actors.

The content of the addiction prevention courses is always up-to-date and prepared according to the latest (scientific) insights into addiction prevention and gambling addiction treatment.

The basic course on addiction prevention is mandatory for casino staff (both offline and online).

The basic course is an e-learning course. The knowledge is tested through relevant questions throughout the e-learning.

The basic course contains the following components:

  • The legislation and regulations relating to gambling;
  • Gambling addiction, the negative consequences of gambling addiction and the behavioural characteristics of gambling addicts;
  • The elements of the games of chance organized by the supplier that make them susceptible to addiction;
  • The signs of high-risk or problematic playing behaviour and how these signs can be recognized;
  • The interventions that the casino can offer, aligned to the signs of high-risk or problematic playing behaviour;
  • The measures that can be provided through addiction care or with self-help.

The additional addiction prevention course is mandatory for employees who are in direct contact with guests, are responsible for analysing gambling behaviour, and for management staff.

Although the additional course is not mandatory for other employees, they are always welcome to attend.

The additional addiction prevention course will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to communication and conversation skills;
  • Basic interview skills;
  • Practicing communication and conversation skills;
  • Practicing motivational conversation techniques aimed at moderating gambling behaviour and in particular the gambling behaviour of young adults and other vulnerable groups;
  • Acquiring in-depth knowledge about the signs of high-risk or problematic playing behaviour and how to recognise these signs;
  • Acquiring knowledge of which intervention measures are appropriate in which cases, depending on which signs of high-risk or problematic playing behaviour are observed;
  • Practicing the offering and implementing of an appropriate intervention measure;
  • Acquiring in-depth knowledge of preventive measures that can be provided by addiction care, anonymous help or self-help;
  • Acquiring knowledge about when it is appropriate to refer a player to addiction care, anonymous help sources or self-help.
  • The content of the additional course is tailored to the job position of the casino employee and their role and responsibilities in relation to the addiction prevention policy.

For online casinos, the parts related to intervention and conversation techniques focus on the means of communication that employees have at their disposal, such as email, telephone and chat.

In the additional training sessions, we use an experienced training actor to practice. An experience expert joins the session to answer questions and share experience stories. We see this as a valuable addition to the legal requirements.

Both the basic and the additional courses should be repeated after three years. (Where applicable), particular attention should be paid to any adjustments to the addiction prevention policy and the most recent cases in which the addiction prevention policy has been applied.

The Centrum voor Verantwoord Spelen issues a certificate of completion to participants of all courses.

The courses are always evaluated in writing/orally with the responsible employee.

The Centrum voor Verantwoord Spelen regularly organizes expert meetings and seminars on various topics such as gambling addiction prevention, regulation and legislation, duty of care, information and assistance.

About Centrum voor Verantwoord Spelen

The mission of the Centrum voor Verantwoord Spelen is to make a structural and constructive contribution to a responsible, safe and attractive gambling offer in the Netherlands. We have been working together with various stakeholders, including gambling providers, for many years to achieve our goals.