Target group: Employees of casinos.

Prior education requirements: None

Level: MBO ( Secondary Vocational training) HBO (Higher Professional Education)

Duration of training:

1 day from 10.00 – 17.00

Number of participants: Maximum of 12

Contents training:

  • A part of the training is the training “game explanation”. (for more information have a look at the description of the training game explanation).
  • Perception and needs of different types of guests.
  • Welcoming communication
  • Welcoming way of setting boundaries
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Tune into the wishes and needs of guests
  • Practical skills with regard to serving.
  • Practise with the training actor.

Goals of the training Conflict Management (hospitality?)

After this training the participants are able to

  • Welcome guests in the best possible way
  • Optimize service to show guests that they are seen and appreciated
  • Distinguish needs of different types of guests and anticipate this.
  • Have a welcoming way of communicating with guests.
  • Follow up the policy of the casino with regards to hospitality.


In this training use is made of a training actor. Knowledge about hospitality will be transferred and shared through presentations.

Derogations: not applicable

Study load: 7 training hours and 3 hours of preparation/reflection

Special Requirements: none

 Course Material: e-reader and e-learning, during the course we also provide material on paper.

Assessment: The trainer evaluates the participants on the aspects of attitude, motivation and behaviour. The participant needs to score at least sufficient on each topic.


After the end of successfully completing the course, participants will receive a digital certificate.

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