Target group: Employees of casinos.

Prior education requirements: None

Level: MBO ( Secondary Vocational training) HBO (Higher Professional Education)

Duration of training: 1 day from 10.00 – 17.00

Number of participants: Maximum of 12

Contents training:

  • Prevention general policy / protocol / theory
  • Prevention personal / team
  • Suspicious behaviour
  • Make suspicious behaviour a topic of discussion
  • Several robberies (video) and what it means
  • During robbery RAAK-principal
  • During robbery tension regulation
  • During robbery execute policy / protocol
  • During robbery do’s and don’ts
  • After the robbery
  • Care and aftercare
  • Process after a violent and intense event
  • S.S. and help

Goals of the training Robbery

After this training the participants are able to

  • Adjust policy and protocol of the casino
  • Be aware of suspicious situations
  • Keep their own tension at a low level
  • Cooperate under pressure and stay in control by means of mind control systems
  • Handle according RAAK-principles
  • Offer direct care and aftercare


There is a lot of attention prior and during the training for safety and carefulness. A robbery is a violent event and there will be a lot of personal attention for participants who have had to undergo a robbery and/or aggression. Here we will also look at the personal capacity of the participants. Prior to the training, every participant receives a questionnaire and following this there may be telephone contact with the trainer. The training is provided by a trainer together with the use of a training actor during the entire day. Theory and practice are connected. A lot of practise on communication skills and personal communication style will be done with the training actor. The regulation techniques will be mastered.

Key will be the next 3 questions:

  • What can you do to prevent a robbery?
  • How to act during a robbery?
  • What to do after a robbery?

Derogations: not applicable

Study load: 7 training hours and 2 hours of preparation/reflection

Special Requirements: none

 Course Material: e-reader and e-learning, during the course we also provide material on paper.

The trainer evaluates the participants on the aspects of attitude, motivation and behaviour. The participant needs to score at least sufficient on each topic.

After the end of successfully completing the course, participants will receive a digital certificate.

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