Target group: Employees of casinos.

Prior education requirements: None

Level: MBO ( Secondary Vocational training) HBO (Higher Professional Education)

Duration of training:

1 half day of 3 hours

Number of participants: Maximum of 12

Contents training:

  • Knowledge of the functioning of slot machines in gamehalls.
  • Usefulness and necessity of game instruction
  • Technical explanation of slot machines
  • REAC
  • Explanation game instruction
  • Practise on giving game instructions to guests.

Goals of the training Conflict Management  (game explanation?)

After this training the participants know and are able to

  • What the necessity is of good game explanation
  • Information about games of chance in playhalls. Think of: short odd-gambling maximum hour-loss.
  • The basics: learn the basics of the game (e.g. creditmeter, clubmeter, action games)
  • Game explanation “coin machine” & “multi-player”
  • Game explanation “roulette”
  • Technical part: What can be found in a slot machine?
  • REAC and slot machines
  • Hospitality and game instruction: Do’s & Don’ts


Through a presentation, participants are provided with an introduction about the necessity of game instruction as well as background information.

Subsequently we relocate to the casino and have a closer look at certain slot machines. Here, more information is given about the several games. Next, the participants are taught more about how to “give a game instruction”. How do you start, which parts are in it? “Keep it simple”.

Round off: Employees start giving game instructions following the instructions and given feedback.

Derogations: not applicable

Study load: 3 training hours and no preparation

Special Requirements: none

 Course Material: e-reader and e-learning, during the course we also provide material on paper.

Assessment: The trainer evaluates the participants on the aspects of attitude, motivation and behaviour. The participant needs to score at least sufficient on each topic.


After the end of successfully completing the course, participants will receive a digital certificate.

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