Questions about het Centrum voor Verantwoord Spelen

1. What is Het Centrum voor Verantwoord Spelen?

The mission of the centre for playing games of chance responsibly is delivering a structural and constructive contribution to a responsible, safe and attractive offer in games of chance in the Netherlands. Together with several stakeholders, among whom providers of games of chance, we have already been working for years to reach our goals. During the past few years we have intensively been dealing with regulations and legislation, local and national policy. We will continue doing so. Our motto: “You have to be there where the player is!”

Preventing problems in the world of games of chance, by executing a good prevention policy, is one of our areas of expertise. Our Consultancy department supports and advises providers during the entire process so they live up to and keep living up to their legal duty of care.

In November 2019 we founded the Casino Academy. We offer a broad and cohesive range of educational and training courses for casinos. The Centre for playing responsibly is registered with the CRKBO ( Centraal Register Kortdurend Beroepsonderwijs). The register institutions show educational institutions that meet the requirements of the quality-code for training institutions for short-term vocational education.

Our Support department is always there for players and their loved ones. They can come to us free and anonymously for advice and help. This is possible via telephone, whatsapp or email. You will always get a reaction within 24 hours.

We offer the possibility to create a custom made package of services, with high quality and against a good price. The unique combination of Consultancy, the Casino Academy and Support is unique in the Netherlands!

2. As a player what can I expect of het Centrum voor Verantwoord Spelen?

A sentence you can often come across is: “ We want to combine knowledge, experience and strength in the interest of the player.” This means help for the player in the broader sense. In political terms, by emphasising the importance of speedy regulation of online gambling with the main goal of protecting the consumer. But definitely also the area of easily accessible and if wanted anonymous assistance. Every player can reach us in many ways for the most simple tips to play responsibly, for advice on how to deal with specific problems or for guidance or motivation towards the required care. We always work in the interest of the player, do nothing without permission of the player and keep as an important end-goal, the player stays in control of their own playing behaviour.




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