Responsible gaming with Simon

The mission of Centrum voor Verantwoord Spelen is to deliver a constructive contribution to a responsible, safe and attractive gambling offering in The Netherlands.

Part of this is a prevention policy. We focus on preserving the recreational player because we believe preventing problems gives the best outcome. This is where prevention policy, the duty of care and the player’s responsibility come together.

Focus on the player

It is easy to forget about that last point, the player’s own responsibility. This is the most crucial part because you won’t get much traction if a player doesn’t want help yet, or doesn’t see they need help. You as a provider and your employees can do your best on the prevention policy; it unfortunately often won’t have the desired results. Unless a player is entirely excluded, they won’t get help or treatment and be at risk of going and playing illegally.

To support providers, Centrum voor Verantwoord Spelen develops materials to help inform players about safe and responsible gambling. But also with tips to keep the game fun. We do, for example, this with information material for arcade casinos or the pages on our website with guidance and help for players and their next of kin.

Our most recent material is a nice video about Simon, an average player in the online casino. We follow Simon’s gaming behaviour and find out how he keeps gambling fun by playing in a legal online casino and setting his limits, so they fit with his situation.


Gaming in Holland

Centrum voor Verantwoord Spelen was als present at the Gaming in Holland Expo.

At the Gaming in Holland Conference, held at 20 June 2022, Yvon Jansma, director of Centrum voor Verantwoord Spelen, also was one of the speakers.

She showed the video for the first time in public and the responses were more than positive.

We encourage providers and other stakeholders to share this video. You can do so with easy from our YouTube channel. The video is also available in Dutch. We urgently want to mention the fact we have the copyright on this video and it may not be altered in any way. 

We thank Silly Productions for this amazing animated video!

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